Los Morros del Norte

Norteño group Los Morros del Norte is made up of three brothers and one cousin hailing from Culiacan Sinaloa, Mexico. Fermin, Javier, and Tomas Beltran, along with Samuel Ayon, set out in the early '90s to make a name for themselves, making their professional recording debut as early as 1993. Their first hit, La Vida Prestada for La Sierra Records, was well received and got national airplay all over the States. Only a year later, Los Morros released a follow-up single entitled Cien Mil Veces, written by Julio Preciado. These small successes led to an invitation in 1995 from the popular La Banda el Recodo to join them on a tour of Mexico in hopes of creating as large a domestic fan base as the one they enjoyed stateside; 1995 also saw the release of their first full-length record for La Sierra, entitled Vida Prestada. A number of singles would be released over the course of next few years, creating an IV drip of new material and keeping the public's interest, but making a serious presence on the charts difficult. By 2004, Los Morros del Norte would be looking seriously for a new label to call home, which they found in Disa. Beginning in 2005 with Los de la Botella, Los Morros enjoyed Disa's power and reach as one of regional Mexican music's most important players. With 2006's Mientras Viva, Los Morros del Norte became a major figure in their genre. Cuatro Vidas followed in the same year. Los Morros del Norte continue to record, tour, and enjoy a hard-won reputation. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

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