Los Super Reyes

Led by veteran composer/producer and keyboardist Cruz Martinez, Los Super Reyes is half of what was left after the great Kumbia Kings divorce. A.B. Quintanilla and Cruz Martinez first cut their teeth together as members of Selena's band, the vocalist widely credited with popularizing Tejano music throughout North America. As the bass player and keyboard player (respectively) for Selena, Cruz and Quintanilla had front row seats for the Mexican music explosion that happened in the early '90s. Once that musical pursuit was put to an end by Selena's untimely death, Martinez and Quintanilla put their heads together to blend popular urban styles with their native Mexican music, creating Los Kumbia Kings in 1999. Combining visionary musical ideas with perfect timing, Martinez and Quintanilla became international stars, virtually overnight. Though not without conflict, the pair's careers flourished as they released a number of successful albums to a die-hard fanbase. Infighting became more serious in 2006 when Quintanilla accused Martinez of embezzling millions of dollars worth of Kumbia Kings profits. Controversy exploded all over Spanish-language talk radio and television, resulting in Quintanilla quitting the band in the fall of 2006. Martinez continued as Kumbia Kings manager, honoring performance dates and obligations, which soon became impossible. Bandmember's loyalties to Quintanilla, in addition to other political motives, caused performers to miss engagements, damaging the band's reputation and integrity. Martinez relinquished the band name, choosing instead to form Los Super Reyes, who made their recording industry debut in 2007 with El Regreso de Los Reyes. The 12-member group has since enjoyed major chart success, suggesting that cumbia fans may not have been subject to the crisis of loyalty that cost many former Kumbia Kings their careers. The band maintains a busy performance schedule in support of their recent record. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

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