Lucy's Fur Coat

Alternative rockers Lucy's Fur Coat consisted of vocalist Charles O. Ware, bassist Rob Brown, guitarist Tony Sanfilippo, and drummer Scott Clark. They had barely begun their career when they were swept up in the San Diego signing frenzy of 1993. With every record label in America searching for the next Seattle, any scene with any decent artists became an immediate sensation. San Diego was one of these hotbeds of talent, and Lucy's Fur Coat just happened to be starting their career at the right time. Their first release, 1994's Jaundice, was not the sensation that the label had expected, and they soon found themselves dropped. After a few years, they came out with a second album on Deadline Records, called How to Survive an Airline Crash. The album received good reviews, but the lukewarm reaction it received eventually broke up the band. ~ Bradley Torreano

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