Texan Jeff McIlwain produces ambient/experimental techno that harks back to the era of classic early-'90s British techno (itself inspired by American sources in Detroit). Highly melodic though usually highly abrasive as well, his self-titled debut album was released in 1999 on the Isophlux label. He maintained a steady release schedule through 2003, with a full-length released each year -- in addition to an assortment of singles and EPs -- on labels including Hymen, U-Cover, and Zealectronic. Also performing under the name L'usine or Lusine Icl, in 2004 McIlwain signed to Ghostly for a series of releases including that year's Serial Hodgepodge, 2007's remix album Podgelism, and 2009's A Certain Distance. 2010 digital release Lucky Numbers compiled tracks from his Ghostly-released EPs. Full-length Waiting Room arrived in 2013, followed by 2014 EP Arterial. Three years later, Ghostly released McIlwain's full-length Sensorimotor. ~ John Bush

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