Michigan underground rapper Madrox is better known as Jamie Madrox, one-half of maniacal, horrorcore group Twiztid. Akin to the Insane Clown Posse, his music shares the same propensity for violence and Caucasian angst, but he also likes to intertwine allusions to themes and characters from comic books (his rap name is taken from the real name of Marvel Comics hero The Multiple Man). Madrox (born James Spaniolo) entered Detroit's horrorcore scene as a part of the House of Krazees trio, whose first album, Home Sweet Home, was released in 1993. Under the name Mr. Bones, he released five main albums with the House of Krazees and two solo projects, The Demon Inside EP in 1994 and the Sacrifice full-length in 1995. Most of HOK's catalog were cassette-only releases until signing to Latnem Entertainment; but, due to its owner's unscrupulous business practices, HOK left the label and disbanded after their 1996 album Head Trauma. Teaming up with ICP's Psychopathic Records, Spaniolo and HOK member Hektic renamed themselves Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child, respectively, to form Twiztid. Within the span of seven years, they released a multitude of albums, both official and unofficial, tour-exclusive LPs. Each of their official albums topped Billboard's independent charts with The Green Book peaking at number two on the indie album chart and number 52 on the Top 200 overall albums in 2003. Appealing to Twiztid's strong following, Madrox released the solo album, Phatso, in May 2006 on Psychopathic. A special tour-edition album, Phatso: The Earth 2 Version, featuring some different songs and remixed versions of tracks from the original album, came out a week later. ~ Cyril Cordor

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