Men of Vizion

This urban quintet combines the R&B basics of harmony and soul to produce a sound characteristic of '90s R&B bands. With Prathan "Spanky" Williams on vocals and George Spencer III, Brian Deramus, Desmond Greggs, and Corley Randolph backing him up, Men of Vizion produced several R&B chart singles such as "House Keeper," "Do Thangz," and "Do You Feel Me? (... Freak You)." Some of their more well-known songs include "You Told Me You Love Me," "Forgive Me," and "That's Alright." Many of their songs take on a ballad-type rhythm and harmony. Men of Vizion formed in Brooklyn. The group began at La Guardia High School of Music and Art which the members attended. Randolph was training to be a classical pianist and sang frequently in his mother's church. Greggs was not only a singer but also wrote and produced the group's singles and albums. With a determination to eventually land a major record deal, Men of Vizion practiced everyday and performed anywhere they could. During the early years, they played at parties, entered talent shows, and performed at local nightclubs. Their persistence paid off when they were signed to Jade Productions. With the support of New Jack vocalist Teddy Riley, the group was eventually signed with MJJ Music. Their debut album, Personal, released in 1996, incorporated all the band's beliefs and emotions, from love to romance to sensitivity. Aside from their successful hits, Men of Vizion also worked with Tasha Scott, Sherri Blair, and Teddy Riley. Men of Vizion brought to life the 1977 Jackson 5 hit "Show You the Way to Go." Throughout their short professional career, Men of Vizion managed to attract a large variety urban audiences. Touring and performing nationally, Men of Vizion has been compared to such R&B legends as Boyz II Men and Babyface. Reality is a major reason this group succeeds: their music is based on their own relationships and experiences. Deramus, Greggs, and Randolph left the group after the first album's release. ~ Kim Summers

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