The alternative pop group the Men are among the forgotten one-hit wonders of the early '90s. Actually, calling the Men one-hit wonders may be a misnomer since their most well-known track, "Church of Logic, Sin & Love," didn't cross over into the mainstream. Nevertheless, "Church of Logic, Sin & Love" was quite successful on modern rock stations in 1992. Half spoken-word '60s nostalgia, half Crowded House-style guitar pop, "Church of Logic, Sin & Love" offered a respite from angst-ridden grunge, but the song was perhaps too quirky to have any appeal beyond alternative radio. The track had poetic imagery -- "It's the kind of place where space explorers could have landed/Around 1963/when John F. Kennedy was in Life Magazine/And everything was aqua marine, aqua marine" -- that many college students tried to interpret. Featuring Jef Scott (vocals, guitars), Lore Wilhelm (guitars, vocals), Nancy Hathorn (bass, vocals), and David Botkin (drums, vocals), the Men released their self-titled debut LP on Polygram in 1992. However, none of the Men's other songs were played, and the album vanished with the band. Although the group was called the Men, there were actually two females in their lineup. The band was based in Santa Monica, CA, also the headquarters of their own fan club. ~ Michael Sutton

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