Metalheadz rose to prominence in the early 90s as home to jungle’s first global superstar - Goldie. He formed the original nucleus of Metalheadz in collaboration with Fabio and Grooverider, two DJs who made their name on the hardcore scene of the early 90s, and Ronnie Randall, the more elusive fourth member. Together they fashioned Metalheadz into an all-conquering drum ’n’ bass collective. Their Angel EP was one of the first records to invoke the intelligent techno description in the mid-90s, before ‘jungle’ or ‘junglist’ had been coined to describe their employment of dub plates and frenetic breakbeats. While that effort was Goldie’s own work, other releases under the Metalheadz banner have come from disparate sources, such as ‘Here Come The Drums’ (by extended family member Doc Scott) and ‘Predator’ (by Photek collaborator Peshay). With Goldie’s brief relationship with Björk dominating the headlines, Metalheadz adopted the Blue Note club in London’s Hoxton Square as their new residency in 1995. This subsequently become jungle’s first home, with a fleet of celebrities including Tricky, Malcolm McLaren, latter-day drum ‘n’ bass acolyte David Bowie and former members of Duran Duran among those who attended. The team expanded to include female DJs Kemistry And Storm (who were responsible for first introducing Goldie to hardcore) and MC Cleveland Watkiss in addition to the core quartet. As well as the club, there is also a Metalheadz label.

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