Primer 55

Primer 55 is not your average group of rock stars. The band was formed in 1997 after years of suffering through the stale music scene in Memphis, TN, dominated by death metal and cover bands. Rather than sit back and complain, the group decided to do something about it. Guitarist Bobby Burns, led by his heavy metal past, co-founded the band with vocalist J-Sin, who added a more hip-hop flavor to the mix. The two enlisted the help of friends Mike "Jr." Christopher on bass and Josh McLane on drums. They soon gained an underground following from their intense live performances and in 1999 released their self-titled debut album on the independent label Propellant Transmissions. Shortly after this release, the group was offered a contract with Island Def Jam. After they graciously accepted the offer, the group continued with their hybrid heavy metal/hip-hop style on their 2000 release Introduction to Mayhem. The album is a trip into the depths of extreme passion and music authority. With the help of Incubus DJ Chris Kilmore, (hed) p.e. frontman MCUD, and Relative Ash vocalist Mark Harrington, the album solidified Primer 55 as a musical force to be reckoned with. Following the release, the band toured almost nonstop and found themselves amongst the elite of hard rock. In 2001, the band replaced drummer Josh McLane, who left for personal reasons, with John Kamoosi to continue work on new material. ~ Josh Loehr

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