Saikouba Badjie

The first published recording of the traditional Gambian style of drumming known as "bougarabou", was the 1977 album, "Bougarabou: Solo Drumming Of Casamance" by Saikouba Badjie. A veteran performer at festivities in Jola communities in Senegal and The Gambia, Badjie often plays all night and has been known, on special occassions, to beat his drums for days, stopping only for light meals. While bougarabou drummers traditionally use one drum which they beat with a stick, Badjie is one of the more-modern players who use as many as four drums which they play with both hands. Badjie's drumming is accompanied by bells which they ties to his wrist. On his debut album, Badjie was joined on three tunes by praise song vocalist Malamin Modlamine Kujabi. ~ Craig Harris

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