Smart E's

Derided by most as merely capitalizing on the rave craze, Smart E's nevertheless became one of the unlikely pioneers of the subgenre later designated as happy hardcore. As their moniker already suggested, the London trio of DJs/producers Luna-C, Mr. Tom, and Nick Arnold built their gimmick on naming tracks based on obvious double entendres, especially those concerned with drugs. Their first two singles, "Bogus Adventure" and "Loos Control," dutifully followed suit, gaining them underground notice. But it was the next release that netted them their fame -- or infamy, depending on who you ask. Basically the theme tune for the British version of the legendary children's TV series Sesame Street on top of typical hardcore rave breakbeats, "Sesame's Treet" unsurprisingly became one of the most notorious hits of the British summer in 1992, missing the top spot of the singles chart by one place; it even managed to peak at the lower reaches of the Billboard Hot 100 later in the year. The threesome still managed to release a quick cash-in album named after their big hit before calling it a day in late 1992. ~ Ricardo Rainho

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