Stuck Mojo

Having gotten their start in 1993, Stuck Mojo were always an easy target for criticism, receiving complaints about their fusion of metal and rap -- "overdue" or "generic" were the most common jabs -- and even bigoted remarks from those unable to accept their African-American frontman, Bonz. Regardless of the negative or demeaning heckles when they first started in their home base of Atlanta, Georgia, Stuck Mojo continued on and eventually scored a deal with Century Media Records in 1994. With the accompaniment of guitarist Rich Ward, Corey Lowery on bass, and Bud Fontsere on drums, the release of Snappin' Necks debuted in 1995 with a plethora of touring to follow within the next year. Hitting the road with such acts as Machine Head and Slapshot, Stuck Mojo found their new living quarters in the (dis)comfort of their rented van. With this constant living on the road in full effect, 1996's Violated EP, followed by their second album, Pigwalk, helped fuel this lifestyle. In 1998 Stuck Mojo released their third album, Rising, which vividly themed the group's second favorite passion outside of going on tour: wrestling. HVY1 followed a year later, and in mid-2000 Stuck Mojo returned with Declaration of a Headhunter, the latter of which, despite some internal friction, proved to be the band's heaviest and most dynamic outing to date. It would also be their last collection of new material in some time, as shortly after its release, Stuck Mojo would cease operations. The band returned in 2007 with rapper Lord Nelson stepping up to the mike -- longtime vocalist Bonz had left the fold -- and released its fifth studio album, Southern Born Killers, independently. The LP was released nationally the following year by Napalm Records, along with their sixth studio long-player, the undeniably heavy yet commercial-tinged Great Revival. Another hiatus ensued, this time lasting until 2014 when the band reunited -- with Ward, Bonz, Lowery, and Fontsere appearing on-stage together for the first time since 1998 -- at the Masquerade in Atlanta for a one-time show. Two years later, Stuck Mojo released their seventh studio long-player, Here Come the Infidels, which featured the debut of two new members, vocalist Robby J. and bassist Len Sonnier. ~ Mike DaRonco

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