Suicide City

As N.Y.C. rap-metal institution Biohazard's career was winding down, guitarist/vocalist Billy Graziadei called up singer Karl Bernholtz (ex-Groovenics) in late 2004 to initiate what would develop into Suicide City. Another former Groovenic, guitarist AJ Marchetta, was soon brought on board along with ex-Kittie bassist Jennifer Arroyo, the latter of whom Graziadei had vowed to be in a band with after meeting her while touring with Biohazard. The final addition of drummer Danny Lamagna (on the recommendation of Sworn Enemy) completed the Brooklyn-based quintet, though technically, the band didn't really get serious until 2005, after Graziadei and Arroyo were officially done with their previous bands. A five-song demo was recorded early that year; originally dubbed Give Me Your Pity, it was later renamed Not My Year and released as their debut EP in April. Crafting dark and volatile punk with prominent metal leanings, goth theatrics, and screamo-worthy shrieks, their music asserted influences like the Misfits, Black Sabbath, Joy Division, and the Cure. Suicide City first toured with Otep in summer 2005 before hitting the entire U.S. as openers for Mindless Self Indulgence. Their especially intense and vigorous live show, coupled with an innate D.I.Y. work ethic, managed to sell over 4,000 copies of their EP without any label or distribution help. Suicide City continued to command attention while on the road with Taking Back Sunday in spring 2006 before joining up with GWAR that August. ~ Corey Apar

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