Tears Run Rings

Dream pop group Tears Run Rings is a long-distance collaboration between several veterans of the indie pop scene. Four of the group's five members played as the Autocollants during the '90s. Emphasizing the dreamier elements of their former band, Tears Run Rings have a slower, more washed-out sound. Making their full-length debut with Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never in 2008, the band sporadically regrouped for follow-ups such as 2016's In Surges. Laura Watling, Ed Mazzucco, Tim Morris, and Dwayne Palasek first began working together in the '90s as the Autocollants. The four musicians teamed up with Matthew Bice (who incidentally co-founded Shelflife Records with Mazzucco) in the 2000s to form Tears Run Rings. Drawing on the dreamy sweetness of bands like Luna, My Bloody Valentine, and the Jesus and Mary Chain, Tears Run Rings found the former Autocollants members ditching their jangly twee pop in favor of reverb-swathed shoegaze. As the group's members resided in three different cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland), they collaborated virtually, sending each other files through the Internet. The band's moody, diaphanous debut EP, A Question and an Answer, was released on Disaster Club Records in the spring of 2007. Tears Run Rings' first full-length album, an equally drowsy, melancholy affair entitled Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never, emerged on Florida's Clairecords one year later. The group's second album, Distance, followed in 2010. In between other musical projects and family commitments, Tears Run Rings spent six years working on their third album, periodically coming together to write, record, and mix the material. In Surges arrived on Deep Space Recordings in 2016. Two years later, the group released an EP titled Somewhere. ~ Margaret Reges & Paul Simpson

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