The Dreem Teem

Different from the rap group and the drum'n'bass unit with a similar name, the Dreem Teem are (with Tuff Jam) the kings of speed garage, the manic dance style which brought crowds of club kids back to house music from jungle in the late '90s, in large part because speed garage producers hijacked many techniques from drum'n'bass, including rewinds, vocals on the ragga tip, DJs adept at scratching, and even the occasional breakbeat lifted from jungle. The Dreem Teem is a trio of DJs and occasional producers, all of whom entered London's club scene during the glory days of acid house in 1988-89: Timmi Magic (b. London; August 23, 1968), Mikee B (b. Kingston, Jamaica; December 10, 1967) and DJ Spoony (b. London; June 27, 1970). They worked separately during the early to mid-'90s, but later met up at the Arches, where DJ Spoony's residency anticipated the development of speed garage in Britain. After getting together as a DJ team (with Timmi focusing on the mixing while Spoony scratched and Mikee worked as the selector), the Dreem Teem released a 1997 mix set on the 4 Liberty label, The London Dreem Teem in Session. ~ John Bush

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