The Envy Corps

An Iowa-based band with a healthy case of Anglophilia, the Envy Corps draw inspiration from Radiohead's anthemic Brit-pop, New Order's rhythmic sensibilities, and the atmospherics of early-'90s shoegaze bands. Luke Pettipoole, a former web developer based in Ames, IA, founded the group in 2001 with the help of college student David Yoshimura. Both musicians played the guitar, while Pettipoole also handled piano duties and lead vocals. After assembling a temporary lineup, the Envy Corps toured the Midwest for several years before solidifying their ranks in 2004, when Yoshimura became the band's bassist and his brother, Scott, was enlisted to play drums. Brandon Darner also climbed aboard as the band's lead guitarist, having previously served as lead vocalist for To My Surprise, an experimental band launched by Slipknot's Shawn Crahan. The Envy Corps' new lineup continued to play local shows while releasing several self-funded CDs, and London's Vertigo Records eventually took an interest in the young group. Vertigo dispatched an A&R representative to the band's headquarters in Des Moines, and the Envy Corps soon signed with the label. Like the Killers (whose lead guitarist, fellow Iowa native Dave Keuning, was an early supporter of the band), the Envy Corps decided to court U.K. audiences before tackling America. After relocating to the London suburb of Streatham, they released several EPs and singles in 2007 (including Rhinemaidens, Wires & Wool, and Story Problem) while working on their full-length debut. The energetic Dwell arrived in early 2008. ~ Andrew Leahey

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