The Majesticons

Mike Ladd is one of hip-hop's most ambitious producers, building a career out of creating groups and projects to fit his conceptual vision and offbeat sense of humor. In 2001, he created a fake hip-hop war between the underground and the mainstream, with the Majesticons representing the latter side of the equation and the equally fictional Infesticons acting as the heroic underground figures. An Infesticons record came first, and after it became a cult hit in the New York hip-hop scene, Ladd decided to put together a response from their rival crew. Crafting what they call "post-jiggy," the Majesticons' rhymes revolve around their corporate careers, incredible wealth, higher education, and privileged backgrounds. What's true and what isn't true isn't entirely clear, but it seems like this crew -- which includes Sir Long, Teisha, Cheeta, and Ladd's alter ego, Jay Wakowitz -- is just poking fun at the flashy "bling bling" attitude prevalent in hip-hop after the turn of the century. Beauty Party, their only record, was released on Big Dada in the early weeks of 2003. ~ Bradley Torreano

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