The Paladins

Along with such rockin' bands as Los Lobos and the Blasters, the Paladins were one of leading lights in the California roots and rockabilly music scene of the early '80s. Formed by guitarist/vocalist Dave Gonzalez and bassist Thomas Yearsley while they were attending high school in San Diego in the late '70s, the band also originally included guitarist Whit Broadly and drummer Gus Griffin. Eventually, Broadly left the band and the classic Paladins trio lineup was born. With their old-school approach to rockin' R&B, blues, and rockabilly, the Paladins garnered a strong local following, as well as opening slots for such bands as X, the Blasters, the Stray Cats, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds -- whose vocalist, Kim Wilson, produced the band's 1986 self-titled debut album. The Paladins followed up with several well-received albums on Alligator Records including 1988's Years Since Yesterday and 1990's Let's Buzz. The '90s saw the band dig deeper into a mix of rockin' R&B and blues with such albums as 1994's Ticket Home, the 1996 live album Million Mile Club, and 1999's Rejiveinated. Also in 1999, the Paladins released the album Slippin' In, which showcased a return to the more rockabilly-oriented sound of their early albums. Palvoline No. 7 followed in 2001 with Matador appearing two years later. In 2007, the Paladins released the concert album Power Shake, which featured them performing live in Holland. Over the years, the band has seen several lineup changes with such musicians as drummers Brian Fahey, Scott B. Campbell, and Jeff Donovan, as well as bassist Joey Jazdzewski all making appearances alongside Gonzalez. Around 2004, Gonzalez began taken time away from the band for several side projects, including the Hacienda Brothers and the Stone River Boys. However, the group reunited in 2011 at the Ink & Iron Festival in Long Beach, California. Since then, they have made several more live appearances and in 2013, released the EP Wicked. In 2017, the Paladins returned with New World, the band's first studio album in over a decade. ~ Matt Collar

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