Transient V Resident

Transient v Resident is a duo formed of Martin Archer (synthesizers, electronics, amplified objects, woodwind) and Chris Bywater (synthesizers, electronics, amplified objects, guitar). In 1993, Archer decided to disband his saxophone quartet Hornweb and quit the jazz scene. He got into electronics and TvR became one of his new projects. As Archer's solo material is the result of hours spent in the studio, TvR remains his only musical project to translate into live activities. The duo's music is also very different from his solo output, as it draws a lot more from the language of the '70s German synthesists. It can range from experimental electronics to ambient dub to sound installations, depending on the context of the performance. Since its inception in 1993, Transient v Resident released two studio albums, Electrical Shroud (1997) and Medulla (2001), and a string of live CD-Rs, all on Archer's Discus label. ~ François Couture

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