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How Your Second Day at Coachella Should Look

By Andrew | Sat Apr 14 11:53:55 PDT 2018

  • Wake up early enough to go take a communal shower. Cause let’s face it, you smell.
  • CONSUME ALL OF THE WATER. This is no joke. It may not actually be hotter on day two, but it’s going to feel like it.
  • Eat something. Get the carb load going cause boy do we have a day ahead of us.
  • Head to the venue right around 1:30 and go straight to the Mojave tent to catch sister duo Chloe x Halle.
  • After catching their entire set, you have ten minutes to do whatever you please. Maybe a bathroom break?
  • But at 2:30, make sure you are at the Sahara tent and ready to move that dad bod for AC Slater.
  • Hang out there till about 2:55 and then start heading to the Coachella Stage to catch Nigerian hip hop star, Wizkid. Rumor has it Drizzy Drake is set to make an appearance.
  • That set will go to 3:30 and then you have a 15 minutes break. Maybe a late lunch? Definitely a drink. I’d recommend a Eureka! Burger in the Craft Beer Barn.
  • Don’t take too long though cause Django Django is taking the Mojave tent by storm at 3:45.
  • You’ll get to catch about 10 minutes of their set because NILE RODGERS & CHIC (yes that Nile Rodgers & Chic) are set to take the Coachella Stage at 3:55. Watch the entire set. It will not get better. Don’t believe me? Check out the video above.
  • The good news is that after that, you can hang out waiting for Chromeo to play at the same stage starting at 5:20. May I recommend a nap?
  • After your Fancy Footwork is over with Chromeo, make sure you head to the Mojave tent for BROCKHAMPTON. It’s sure to be crazy.
  • Split your time there with Snakehips at the Sahara tent. It’s about to get moody.
  • Another 15 minute break? HEAD TO THE BATHROOM AND THEN CHUG SOME WATER. You got another 5 hours to go and things are about to get busy my friend.
  • Starting at 7:20, check out everyone’s new favorite Australian Tash Sultana in the Mojave tent.
  • Then get ready to move next door to the Sahara tent for Louis the Child’s dance party around 7:40. Don’t worry that you’re late, just start moving and all will be ok.
  • Keep that movement going over to the Sonora tent at 8 for The Bronx. Remember, protect your face and if someone falls down in the pit, PICK EM UP! We’re all friends.
  • It’s time for dinner. Nothing too heavy. Maybe a taco or two from Pinches Tacos in Food West. Definitely a Margie in there as well.
  • Eat quick and make it to the Mojave tent for Alvvays by 9 PM.
  • Hang out and vibe there till about 9:25 and move on over to the Sonora tent for the last few songs of the newly renamed Bay Area band, Oh Sees.
  • RIGHT AFTER they are done sprint to the Coachella stage to check the last few bass faces of Este and HAIM.
  • Then spring back to the Mojave tent to catch JUNGLE. By the way, dancing is required.
  • The home stretch. The Queen is calling you. Bey has arrived and you are her acolyte. Time to get into formation.
  • That’s it. Day 2 is in the books. Your last task? Try and pass out somewhere near a bed. Preferably your own. Sweet dreams sweetie.


One day to go. You think tomorrow will be easier? HAHAHA. Prepare yourself.

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