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Normani and Khalid Talk About Their “Baby”

By Parker | Mon May 14 14:34:41 PDT 2018

Neither one of them are parents yet – only one of them is even old enough to drink – but Normani and Khalid feel like they’ve collaborated on something as important as a child. They sat down with Vevo to discuss their collaboration and how it came about.

According to Khalid, they had talked about working together for quite awhile before they got a chance to do it. And when Fifth Harmony started to wind down, Normani jumped on the opportunity to work with one of her closest friends.

The pair claim they didn’t go into the creative process with the mentality of creating a hit, with Khalid saying  “We were not worried about a hit at all. We were worried about making a good song that we both love.” And they’ve succeeded! And what better way for Normani to introduce herself as a solo artist, unbound from the other girls in 5H?

Khalid also quizzed her on what’s coming on Normani’s debut solo album. She still doesn’t have a title or release date, but she’s plenty psyched, telling him that with the disc, she wants to represent “little girls who look like me”, repaying the work of the African American artists who inspired her as a child. She even promises to give Khalid the first copy, once the disc actually happens.

If it seems like these two have chemistry – you’re not wrong. Last summer Normani showed up in the video for “Young Dumb & Broke”, playing the prom queen to Khalid’s king, and rumors were flying even then that they might be a couple. For now they’re claiming to just be “the best of friends”, but don’t be surprised if they get a little closer by the end of the year!

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