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Gorillaz Rapper, Del The Funky Homosapien, Might Be The Next To Borrow Dave Grohl's Concert Throne...

By Red | Tue Jul 10 16:02:44 PDT 2018

Remember when Dave Grohl broke his leg during a Foo Fighters set and had that massive throne made so he could sit and perform for the rest of the tour? And then Dave let Axl Rose borrow it when Axl fell off stage during a Guns and Roses set?

Now Del The Funky Homosapien is the latest to join the nasty stage fall club.

Gorillaz pulled the plug on their set in Germany after Del bailed hard. Poor guy was mid-verse and walked straight off the stage. Good news is, he's going to be okay. Del wrote on twitter, "Thank you all for the love! I'm doing alright but will be in the hospital for a bit, the care here is outstanding though. Much love to @gorillaz for having me out and I'll be back soon yall."
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We might need to invest in some ball pits surrounding the stage bc that sh*t is scary.

Don't you just wish this were a real message?