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Sing! China Brings the Metal

By Aidan | Tue Sep 11 13:16:38 PDT 2018

A couple days ago I was chilling and being lazy when my homie, Gang, hit me up with a message.
“Yo DuDE!~ Have you seen the metal duo on Sing!?”
Like any person would, after receiving such a well written piece, I wrote back:
“What?” with a well-placed gif of Ryan Reynalds  looking confused.
Little did I know that would start the chain reaction that would be my friend explaining what Sing! China is for 35 minutes. Apparently, Sing! China is a rebranded version of the popular singing show “The Voice” that follows the exact beats from the 4 celebrity coaches down to the spinning chairs. It is, from what I was told, a very popular show. On the most recent episode they had probably the most interesting duo hit the stage. Introducing Huang Anqi and Liu Anqi, a metal duo that go by the name Double Angel, that absolutely killed it on Sing! China!!! Their performance was full of solid vocal work, hooks, and death growls. I actually had to go back and listen to it a few times. Unsurprisingly they got a 4 chair turn (which is a good thing if you do not watch The Voice) securing their place in the completion.
I hope Double Angel gets far in the competition, because they have a new won over fan here in the US that wants them to win!
See for yourself!

Don't you just wish this were a real message?