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DIO Hologram Will Tour in 2019

By Aidan | Tue Nov 06 15:37:40 PST 2018

If you are unfamiliar with Dio let me catch you up real quick. Ronnie James Dio was one of the best metal vocalists ever, fronting Rainbow and Black Sabbath, after Ozzy’s 1979 dismissal. Later, he would go on to form a solo project simply called DIO, which brought metal classics such as Holy Diver, Rainbow in the Dark, Last in Line, and so much more! In sum, his career would span over 40 years, until his passing in 2010 to stomach cancer. Six years after his untimely passing, someone thought it was a good idea to bring him back as a hologram.
The hologram, created by Eyellusion, made its debut at Wacken 2016. The reviews were mixed, to put it lightly. It was like Obi Wan’s ghost was singing “We Rock.” It was very… off-putting. Awkwardness be damned, the music industry marches on, and Billboard reports that the company that created the hologram is now being represented by major talent agency APA's Steve Martin. If you are thinking “the actor?,” it is not; I googled it. 
Martin represents acts like Scorpions, Foo Fighters, and Jack Black. He even managed Dio when he was alive. In the same Billboard report, he notes that there are at least 100 different cities that the hologram act plans to visit next year.
"The big question when we first toured Dio through Europe was 'Is anyone actually going to show up?'" Eyellusion founder Jeff Pezzuti tells Billboard. "We sold out the last three shows in Europe and we did really, really well. We're such believers in what we were doing and we're all such massive fans — in my sixth grade class picture, I'm wearing a Dio shirt, so you can imagine taking this all the way across the finish line has been a dream come true."
Look I’m all for keeping the memories of musicians alive, but this might be the straw that breaks. When Tupac’s hologram showed up at Coachella for one night surprise, it was such a one-night spectacle to see, especially since the late rapper has been gone for almost 20 years. BUT it only took 4 years for them to debut a hologram for Dio! There are even Hologram tours for Frank Zappa and pianist Glenn Gould in the works.

Could it be cool? Absolutely. But I think I’ll have to witness holo-Dio for myself to determine my final feelings on returning such a beloved metal icon from the ether.
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Don't you just wish this were a real message?