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B2K Reunites For The Millennium Tour

By Shaheem Reid | Tue Mar 12 14:59:50 PDT 2019
We loved that era, right? Throwback jerseys and caps to match, baggy dress suits, apple bottom jeans for the ladies and music that would be loved for generations to come. The early 2000s the dawn of the millennium. And here in 2019, fans of that eras music are being served well (served as in “You Got Served,” lol).

The Millennium Tour 2019 kicked off last night in Atlantic City, with Chingy, Lloyd, The Ying Yang Twins, Bobby V, Mario, Pretty Ricky and headliners, the reunited B2K. At Boardwalk Hall, the eye test said it was about 80 percent females checking in to see acts that were just getting off the ground as the 2000s started, and have endured the test of time. Concert-goers are calling the guys on this roster legends" now. And none more legendary than B2K.

The group broke up over a decade-and-half ago, after a string of classic songs, platinum-plus albums, sold out tours and box office blockbuster “You Got Served,” which you may recall from my horrible joke above. Just into their early 20s, it felt like B2K, if packaged right, would keep rising, finding even higher heights, even better tours, and sell out larger venues. But nah. Omarion, JBoog, Raz B and Fizz broke up. A nasty one at that. Members accused child molestation, money mismanagement and outright favoritism towards Omarion by the group’s former manager Chris Stokes. Young girls of the era cried a sea of tears when the collective stopped rocking together.

Omarion was always looked at as the foursome’s chosen one, and obviously went one to have a great solo career. And yet, B2K left a void. There hasn’t been a group in the last 15 years to take up where they left off. They proved to be irreplaceable.

Which brings us to late last year. During the intervening years, fans got to see some of the group together via social media and reality tv appearances, but all were stunned when a reunion tour was announced and B2K appeared together in promo clips. Seeing is believing, and yet, still some didn’t even believe until they actually purchased their tickets (and VIP packages) to the tour. Shows have been selling out and belief has been growing.

Before hitting the stage last night, a video package aired not only showing B2K's career highlights, but popular videos from their early-2000 contemporaries during their boy-band prime.

When it was time for the four to get on stage last night, they entered with flair.

On a riser perched above the stage, J-Boog literally leapt down into the eyesight of the crowd. He stood in front of screen displaying his face. Raz-B followed, propelled with an entrance that mirrored his group mate, landing on Boog’s right. Fizz came next, landing to the left of Boog and Omarion entered last, on the far left facing the crowd. The band played “Girlfriend” as they walked to the front of the stage. Women were screaming loudly, suddenly transported back to being 16 year old high school juniors attending the “Scream Tour.”

The guys, wearing all white, stood still for a moment, seemingly taking in the surreal moment just as much as the fans. Besides facial hair and some added man muscle, B2K look exactly the same. Raz still even wears fedoras. No signs of ring-rust, as the guys were in perfect sync with the female back up dancers on the routines.

“Uh Huh” was second and then came the theatrics. Boog pretended to get a phone call from his girl and they got into an argument. His fellas spent the next few minutes giving him relationship advice on “What A Girl Wants.”

“Gots Ta Be” kept the vibe sexy.

“Y’all never let up. Y’all never gave up,” Boog, who was the most vocal of the group during the night told the audience. “That’s why we gotta show you y’all our appreciation.”

Promise fulfilled, “Why I Love You” came after.

“We a long way from 17,” Boog said with a smile. “We grown-ass men now.”

Omarion would have his moment to himself to highlight his solo music. He teased “O” for a minute, before laughing and saying “y’all don’t know that. Y’all don’t know that.”

The women in the audience insisted they did. They told him everything but “on my mama” swearing they knew the words. O finally stopped playing, and let them have the song they wanted. He also served a taste of his signature smashes “Touch” and “Entourage” before taking it to Motherland with “Distance Between Us,” from his upcoming LP Passport.

O, and the rest of the crew would reform onstage, this time everyone wearing black and red, for “Bump Bump Bump.” Fizz rapped Diddy’s parts.

Although Puff Daddy wasn’t in the building, the Millennium tour did have some guest star surprise power. Ashanti came out with Lloyd (he incorporates a guitar into his show now) for “Southside.” Chingy had plenty of the ladies doing the famed “chicken head dance” on his set during “Right Thurr.” While Pretty Ricky were taking serious aim as show stoppers last night.

The Miami Hitmakers brought their beloved down bottom raunchy behavior front and center. Spectacular did a handstand into a backflip and landed his head right between the crouch of a female dancer and simulated cunnilingus. Spec later wore just a towel and rapped his part to “On The Hotline” barefoot. 
The Millennium tour has plenty more dates schedule around the country in the coming weeks and the tour is so popular already, there has been talk about extending through more of 2019. Proving that a good thing is still a good thing, even if it’s no longer the new thing.
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