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Coachella Day 2, Billie Ellish, Nipsey Dedications And Weezer

By Shaheem Reid | Sun Apr 14 11:58:08 PDT 2019

Coachella got hot this weekend. Not just the temperature or the stage performances. Things were literally litty and a fire broke out on the commencement night of the festival. According to reports, a mobile shower set ablaze.

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino was in the giving mood. He previewed his new film with Rhianna, the musical “Guava Island,” and he gave away sneakers. His set was mixed with a little Rock and roll, gospel, soul, pop, trap and back pack rap. Never shy about displaying his talents, Glover paraded around wearing no shirt, backed with a band and a full choir. He went from unreleased material to his mega smash “This Is America.”

Of course, he conveyed his insightful thoughts while talking to 100,000 plus people converge in front of the mainstage.

“I lost my dad this year,” he said. He then reflected on one of the hip-hop communities’ greatest losses ever. “We lost Nipsey. All we really have is our memories. The data we pass on to our kids, our friends, our families ...There’s a good chance that at least one of y’all won’t see next week.”

Before he started performing, he told the crowd no phones. However, Glover is far from being a technology hater. Via air drop, he sent random fans a picture of his latest sneaker collabo with adidas. It had instructions where to pick up the sneakers at the festival.

All Jaden Smith needed to pick himself was to pick up the phone from Elon Musk. During parts of his set at Coachella earlier in the day on Friday, he rapped and sang standing on a Tesla that was hung above was the stage and crowd by chains. Smith paid homage to Nipsey Hussle. He brought out his sister Willow, who also hung in the air on a harness while singing. Jordyn Woods came out and danced with the Smith family towards the end of Jaden’s stage time. DJ Snake had the best guests on Friday though, bringing out Selena Gomez, Ozuna and Cardi B. Cardi, who had a private event in LA Friday night jetted to Coachella then headed back as reported on her Instagram Live.

Acclaimed actor Idris Elba repped for the DJs on Saturday night with his own set. With no guests he kept hits spinning like Lil Nas ax’s “Old Town Road” remix with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Weezer took the cameo crown on Coachella’s day two. The legendary band paid homage to other legendary groups. First taking it back to the 80/ with “Tears For Fears.” The hitmakers from Great Britain sang “Everybody Wants To Rule The World.” Next, it was the 90s as Chilli from TLC came out and joined the set for “No Scrubs.”

Billie Ellish was 30 minutes late starting her set, but it was well worth the wait. She may be at the top of the pop charts, but she has hip-hop sensibilities. Baggy clothes, no Fs given attitude, high. brash energy and she couldn’t keep her feet on the ground, jumping up and down.

"We had a chance to interview Billie Eilish on the Coachella livestream ahead of her performance, and she just has an incredible presence that's even more amplified on stage” said Coachella host Nadeska Alexis. “There was a lot anticipation for her performance, and I feel that she met and surpassed all expectations. There's a natural confidence she has -- a blend of exuberant energy that you might expect from a 17-year-old, combined with the stage presence of a seasoned veteran. Her star power and authenticity is just undeniable. Even if she forgot a lyric, she didn't miss a beat and could laugh at herself with the crowd. One of the highlights was her performance of 'Bury A Friend,' where she sang from a bed that was suspended in mid-air. Her entire production felt perfect for her vibes, a bit dark and raw but still lots of fun. Plus, the Vince Staples cameo was a nice touch."

Kid Cudi headlined Saturday night, kicking off his set with Kanye West’s “Father Stretch My Hands PT1.” Mr. Solo Dolo rocked the crowd with his hits, the most meaningful though, was the finale, “Pursuit of Happiness” which had added significance. He dedicated the record to his comrades that are no longer here, Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle.

Hussle, who had one of the grandest send off’s ever with a memorial at Staples Center In LA on Thursday and 25 mile procession after, will continue to be honored Sunday. YG, a close friend and often collaborator of Nipsey, has promised a major tribute to his friend not just with his Coachella stage time, but with a after party as well.

Don't you just wish this were a real message?